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Why do we focus on SEO for photographers?

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One of the more common questions I get at High on SEO is this: why do you focus almost exclusively on photographer’s seo?

This is a good place to note that I don’t *only* do SEO for photographers.  Many techniques are similar across other niches and I have begun finding as many small business and niche directories and listing services as we can.  We have done SEO for real estate businesses, chartered tours and a small clothing store.  They are all very successful.  Small business SEO is definitely a big part of our future at High on SEO.  

While I don’t exclusively perform SEO services for photographers, they do make up 95% of my clientele.  Three reasons explain this:

1) I focus on SEO for photographers because I am a photographer and most of the people I know are photographers

The people I know are photographers.  The ones they know are also sometimes photographers.  On Twitter, I follow and am followed by 1000s of photographers.  I have 2500 Facebook friends and over 2000 are photographers. I do SEO for photographers because, quite simply, in the first 12 months of my SEO business, they knew about me first.

2) I focus on SEO for photographers because I know where to go for great SEO already in our industry.

A large part of SEO is knowing about listing sites, directories and other niche sites that are relevant to the industry your SEO client works in.  For me, it’s WAY more valuable to know about than it is to know how to find directories on Google.  While I do have a large list of directories and websites for creating SEO backlinks, the photography-specific links give me a huge advantage when competing against a general SEO service.   If your competitor chooses Generalist SEO and you choose me, you’ll definitely be listed on more niche sites that relate to photography.  There is simply no good way to find all those listing sites for every niche.  Knowing your business helps, period.

3) I focus on SEO for photographers because I know photography is competitive and the smartest business people I know outsource as much as they can so they can focus on the photography.  

Outsourcing the things you don’t want to do: taxes, album design, search engine optimization, advertising and marketing, etc. gives you more time to grow your business.  You only have so many hours in a day and doing mundane SEO tasks such as signing up for directories, checking your Google Webmaster’s Tools or submitting another photo to WedGawker is probably the last thing on your mind.  We know what needs to be done to grow your successful photography business.  


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