Perfect SEO Blogging with WordPress SEO

Over 80% of our clients are photographers.  They often ask us how perfect SEO blogging would look.  While nothing is “perfect” in the real world, this tutorial covers everything from installing Yoast’s WordPress SEO to alt-tagging (alternate text on an image).  We also cover focus keywords, page analysis, titles and descriptions.

(Ed. Please bear with me, it’s been almost 3 years since we produced a video tutorial. It’s rough but it works. I also realized I typo’d Isaac’s name too late.)

Basic Instructions in Text

1. Install WordPress SEO & set it up how I have it on

2. Posts > Add New

3. Decide immediately on your one target keyword for the post

4. Put that in “focus keyword”

5. Type in an SEO title that uses that keyword near the beginning. Copy this to the top.

6. Type in an SEO description that includes the keyword and 1-2 variants or related words.

7. Type in a few tags.

8. Write your post, including photos.  Note: post must be 300 words long for best results.

9. Click on your focus keyword box and press enter.

10. Check the green dot at the top, then “Page Analysis” on Yoast.

11. Fix the problems you can & want to fix.

12. Re-check focus keyword.

13. Publish post.