6 SEO Predictions for 2013: G+, Authorship, Disavow and Big Data

2013 SEO Predictions

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Are you getting a jump start on planning 2013 content and marketing?  Before you do, check out our 6 SEO predictions for 2013 and what they mean to your business.

2013 SEO Prediction 1: SEO will focus on content and data

“Content marketing” and “big data” are two of the key buzzwords we hear over & over as 2012 ends.  More people are producing content (infographics) based on this big data.  Our first SEO prediction is that these two search marketing terms will make their way into the mainstream and most businesses that succeed in 2013 will have a “content marketing strategy” even if they call it something slightly different.

Content marketing works because it is real and it relates to what you are doing.  Creating content is not always the “easy” way out, but that’s why search engines prefer it.  If you rehash, curate and don’t create anything new, what have you contributed to the conversation?  Search is about finding what’s new and relevant, unique and powerful (social influence.)  Search is always about content in some way, but our prediction is that everyone’s content will start moving away from social sites and back to the main sites the info used to be on.  Resurgence in blogging (tumblr included) will help content get seen.  Growing your audience on your own branded site will help businesses move away from Facebook.

2013 SEO Prediction 2: Authorship, Guest blogging will change for the better

Right, so Google hates when anyone spams and ruins a good thing, right?  They then figure out how to counter it.  On page keywords, anchor text, linkbuilding, now guest blogging.  SEO will start to focus on authorship – claiming that you wrote a piece and linking it to your overall online profile.  Sure, spammers will keep doing this, in a way, but we expect Authorship results to increase in 2013, as well as guest blogs nearly always being linked to your author profile on G+.  You can write for High on SEO, Moz or Search Engine Land, but eventually all your profiles should link back to one authorship link, one G+ profile.

Guest blogging does not have to be spammy.  We had guest bloggers in the past who we know from other sites and they’ve written excellent articles.  We’ve also been inundated with spammy requests for guest blog posts.  One of our main goals in 2013 is to publish guest blogs on YouMoz, Marketing Pilgrim and a few other select places.  Interesting, relevant articles by guest bloggers will always be a bonus for your site.  Based on this SEO prediction, that will be a useful goal for our business.

2013 SEO Prediction 3: Google+, Finally

Are you following High on SEO or Matt on Google+?  Go do that first.

While many people expect G+ to never catch Facebook or Twitter, we would suggest that Google isn’t going away.  Google+ isn’t a side project like Buzz or Wave.  It’s not an acquisition.  Google has invested a lot of manpower into G+.   As Guy Kawasaki said in “What the Plus?,”  “It’s not an experiment or project buried within another business unit. The guy who runs Google+, Vic Gundotra, reports directly to Larry Page, the CEO of Google.”  

Why use G+?  Instant indexing, for one.  Many of our G+ links are instantly indexed on Google after the bot comes to visit.  These hits happened immediately after we published a new post.  You can customize these links and associated words, and the words on all the posts you make should contribute to the “what you talk about” portion of any possible search help.  We already know that posting a link on Facebook gets an instant hit from their search bot.  G+ shows a 3 minute delay to get indexed into Google.  We’ve seen it faster before. Many of our G+ links are indexed in the main database within minutes unlike a post we don’t put on G+ that may take a day or two.

google statcounter hit


2013 SEO Prediction 4:  Link Disavow Tool and Negative SEO

This year has certainly seen a rise in “negative SEO” talk. Is negative SEO possible?  Yes, very possible.  Given enough time and resources, a low quality domain can be beat up pretty badly by a savvy SEO company or your competitor.

Google created the Link Disavow Tool to collect data & links.  SEO prediction 4? They will use it in 2013 to release an algorithm using the links that have been submitted.  Think of the Google engineers rubbing their hands together with everyone’s spammy link profiles.  ”Oh, you think all these are bad.  Good to know.”  We have to disavow in order to recover, we end up giving away all this valuable information to Google.  Now, they’ll use that information in 2013 to improve spam reporting and poor quality backlinks.  In the past, having a healthy link profile meant some low, some mid, some high quality links.  Will that change?  We’ll see.  The death of forum profile spam, blog comment spam and article spam would be a huge benefit to the entire www. except those few people who run businesses based on spam.

2013 SEO Prediction 5: SEO ~~~ Digital Marketing

We saw this one coming and actually changed our own SEO and digital marketing services earlier this year. Digital marketing is slowly becoming its own “thing” encompassing content creation, Adwords & ppc marketing, SEO & search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization and social media.  We have tools to measure CRO, analytics to track on-site metrics, and sites like TwentyFeet and HootSuite to help us with social media in a professional capacity.

The next evolution of this digital marketing is for more big brands to jump on board.  Our 2013 prediction is that many more brands and small businesses will jump into this media with both feet.  We’ll see more C-level digital marketing jobs open up and more influence by the digital team for branding, content and direction of entire companies.  SEO will join the mix and teams will change from web+seo // marketing + social = brand to web + seo + social + sem + ppc + marketing = brand.

2013 SEO Prediction 6:  Other Marketing Growth Predictions

This one’s easy.  Other areas of increased importance and use will include: Mobile (tablet SEO, iphone ecommerce, etc.), Local (G+, Foursquare, Yelp, citation based SEO), and video/multimedia.  Dai.ly, Youtube, and even more video ads.  As users continue to evolve how they search, SEO and marketers will focus on being in those places and picking up on that new traffic.

So those are our six SEO predictions for 2013.  Do you think we’re right?  Way off base?  Do you have your own predictions?

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