Why I don’t (and won’t) use TrueTwit validation

Most likely you’re reading this because I tried to add you on Twitter and you sent me a TrueTwit validation request.  I’ll be sending you this post @yourname so you can find out why you lost a follower.

I don’t need to start this one with “What is TrueTwit” right?

We’ve all had those automated direct messages on Twitter that say “SomeoneAntiSocial is using TrueTwit to validate followers.  Please visit www.truetwit.com to activate your profile” or other such activation nonsense.  Some people customize their DM  but it all says the same thing, which is “Unless you fill out a captcha, I’m not going to let you follow me.”

Read it again.  Because I don’t think most people understand TrueTwit or how TrueTwit validation is costing you followers.

“I’m not going to let YOU follow ME.”

Ok, how does TrueTwit validation work and why is it useless?

What do we read on Twitter?  What fills our stream?  Posts of people WE follow.  So let’s say we have 3 users named (not very creatively), Alice, Bob and Chuck.  Alice follows Bob.  Alice uses TrueTwit so when Chuck tries to follow her, he has to sign up for TrueTwit or she won’t “let” him.

Bob posts something fun.  Chuck posts something fun.  Alice is following Bob so she only sees his messages.  Now let’s pretend Chuck posted spam.  LOTS of spam.  Like 100 pieces of spam per hour.  Alice doesn’t see it because she doesn’t follow Chuck.  Whether or not Chuck uses TrueTwit, she doesn’t see it.  It had no effect at all on her Twitter experience.  None.

Now, let’s say Alice posts back.  Bob doesn’t follow her.  Chuck tried to but was asked to use TrueTwit validation and refused.  Now nobody reads Alice’s messages.   Poor Alice.

TrueTwit keeps people from following you.  If you want to limit who can read your posts, put a lock on your profile and use it for personal reading, not “social media.”  It’s not social to keep people from reading your Tweets.

How do others feel about TrueTwit?

It’s not just me.  Take a look at the first pages of search results for TrueTwit.  Other than the official site, we have:

“most annoying Twitter service”

 ”very sketchy to me”

 ”waste of time”

 ”losing you followers”

 ”TrueTwit is offensive”

 ”it is an ‘anti social media’ product”

” TrueTwit is idiotic.”

So we’ve established that it’s not just me.  Many of your followers (one survey says “95%” of 400+ responses)  hate TrueTwit validation.  It’s listed on people’s “Twitter Hates” and “Twitter Turnoffs” as well as “fastest ways to lose followers.”

How do I get rid of TrueTwit if I already use it?

From the TrueTwit FAQ:

How can I cancel?

Log into your account and click Cancel Account. Do not use an email address or begin your username with ‘@’.

I would also go to https://twitter.com/settings/applications and make sure you “revoke access” for TrueTwit.


So that is why I don’t and won’t use TrueTwit validation for you.  I want to follow you because I think you may be interesting.  If you make your followers jump through hoops, you’re a little less interesting to me.  Be social, be interesting, fill your own stream with good people and let us do the same.


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