Google’s newest algorithm change – reducing black hat SEO

What Google algorithm update?

Google yesterday announced the complete release of a long-awaited over-optimization SEO penalty and algorithm update.

The main goal of this update is “to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs.”  These updates are relevant to our last post: Spams & Scams in SEO.  Whenever Google updates, if you read their information, it’s always to create better sites with better content for end users.  If you remember this mantra, you’ll understand SEO better:

Webmasters are not the consumers, they’re the product Google sells.

If you act as if Google will make changes FOR YOU, you’re wrong and will always be wrong.  When you realize that Google makes changes to ensure the best possible end-user (site visitor) experience, you’ve got it.

How does this affect my SEO through HighonSEO?

Fortunately, High on SEO shares the belief with Google that the best content should win.  Yes, you have to tell Google what’s on the page.  That will never change.    Our link building techniques and on-page SEO fixes are done correctly and for good reasons, however.  We believe, as Google does, that the best sites should show up first.

Today I analyzed data from over 20 clients, past and present.  I have determined that none of our sites were massively hit by the algorithm change.  We saw only typical slight movements in SERPs, as we always would after a month or two of not checking results.   The fact that not one site we’ve been working on for over 2 months has taken a dive shows us that we’re doing it “right” at High on SEO.

This is one client’s results, all updated this afternoon, post-algorithm change.  She lost one page 1 and gained five page 1 results.  I’ll take that for my clients any day.

seo updates after algorithm change for one client

What will Google do next to their search rankings?

We don’t know.  Not really, anyways.   The best way to keep up with Google algo changes and ensure your site is ranking well after using an SEO service is monthly SEO updates.

What we do know about the future is that Google’s customers (search users) want the best, most relevant searches at the top of the SERPs.  Create pages that are worth visiting.  Stop webspamming because it’s going to be virtually worthless anyways.  SEO is here to stay – the question is how we’re going to do it “right” now and in the future.  White hat SEO works.  Use it properly and remember Google’s own mantra “don’t be evil.”

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